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Threshold Journal, 2019; Vol 7, nº 1 & 2.

Old programs, new projects (english, castellano, català)

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Low Threshold Journal, 2019



There are many changes in drug care and there are also many organisms and entities that reflect on its evolution. The starting point focuses on the 80s and 90s, with the epidemic of injected substance use and the appearance of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). In our environment the game point is usually located in 1993, after the Olympic Games hosted by Barcelona, with the observation of a reality that a great collective project had concealed, not only at the city level . As will be repeated more than once in this text and by different authors of the Low Threshold Journal writing team, drugs and AIDS hit a society in Spain that was not prepared, a society that reacted according to its own experiences and convictions and not according to rigor and science. Drugs went from being a bad habit with bad company to a terrible social problem. We are currently in a confused state because we do not know what to do with our aging consumers, with no opportunity for their future integration. All of these topics are reflected in these pages of the Low Threshold Journal. The writing team has also collected old and new texts, oral communications and much oral or at least unpublished material. The aim is to respond to old programs with new projects more adapted to current needs.


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